Trying too hard in pickup

Trying Too Hard! | ONE HOUR Full Breakdown | Infield Breakdown Series Episode 27

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In todays episode of the Infield Breakdown Series I have an extended version of over one hour where I break down my own mistakes when trying too hard with women. Watch Below and thanks for checking out my work! If you’f like to support my work be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel Here

Las Vegas PUA Nightclub Close

Las Vegas End of Night Close | Infield Breakdown Series Episode 9

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Keeping the Sexual Tension at it’s Highest SUMMARY In this episode, I am primarily going to illustrate, how to play the physical game keeping the girl aroused. As you will see, I am not going to go home with this girl the same evening (which is never a requirement, as many guys thinks). Yet, I am getting a solid number, …


Super-Fast Escalation Stoplight Pickup | Infield Breakdown Series Episode 6

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Monday fucking mornings are my favorite holy fuck!!!! Now why is that? It’s another day of life, a brand new week/workweek to fully take charge of my life and every aspect of it. Now I just arrived back to LA late last night from a weekend trip to Vegas, up at 5:15am to work at 7am. Yup, working now though, …

How to Pickup a MILF

Picking up a Tattooed MILF | Infield Breakdown Series Episode 4

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Sitting here at the Mandalay Hotel here in Las Vegas. Little sleep, though heading out to Wet Republic pool as soon as possible. Today is the grand opening so I’m STOKED as fuck! Feels great to be putting out these videos on a consistent basis, so thanks again for watching! Today’s video focuses primarily on saying whatever you feel like …

Infield Pickup PUA Infield Footage

Late Night Yoga Instructor Pickup | Infield Breakdown Series Episode 3

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Yoga Yoga Yoga… Something about yoga and the beautiful women that you’ll find there always drew me toward it. I like women involved in yoga for a couple of reasons. One, They are very fit which equates to very high passionate sex with “MOST” yogi women, and two, they generally have a very spiritual and positive vibe and their energy …