Don’t Try This At Home | Infield Breakdown Series Episode 7

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Episode Summary

This episode is a continuation of Episode 6. Here, I am going to demonstrate how to go all in (with high energy), in daytime, where I put a girl in the taxi, because I wanted to go home with her. It is 7 am, I am with one of my mentors and I resisted going home empty handed. Why is this important to note? Because, there is no reason for you to go home alone, when there is a beautiful woman standing there, having fun and being playful. Furthermore, ask yourself “how far IN am I willing to go?”

I see these two girls with my mentor. Its 7 am, and I decided not to go home alone. Notice, I am a little aggressive in this video (I grab the girl and put her in the trunk).

A word of warning to the scenario where I put the girl on my shoulder to throw her in the trunk of the taxi; this is not always a good thing to do LOL (calibration is key). However, when it comes from a playful and flirtatious energy (in other words she is not giving me real resistance as opposed to token resistance, I continue. However, if she were to say stop, I would immediately stop, or it could get you into trouble, and this is supposed to be fun, right? You do have to have some social intuition.

So I continue the fun and she is still on my shoulder. I playfully wanted to put her in the trunk, while she slapped my ass. Here, it was clear that she was sexually aroused, and this girl is out to have a good time. What I want you to see here is how I draw the girl into my world as opposed to me being drawn into hers.

The fun is with me. Why is that? Because I have a clear defined purpose with game. I always believed in it, and I knew that it was my destination. The process is much more valuable for me, rather than the outcome. In my mind I am not thinking “how can I fuck this girl”, but “how can I make my self laugh and have fun with this girl”. When this is your purpose, you do not care. You GO ALL IN.

Lessons and Takeaways

    • Do more. Whenever you see a beautiful woman, execute.
      Do not care what time it is, execute.
    • Eventually schedule your nights or days out. Simply do 30 minutes. Furthermore, your age is not an excuse. I am 30 years old and am still excited to go all out. You do not have anything to lose.
    • Master calibration: (remember the difference between real and token resistance) if you can´t calibrate, you have lost the game. Period! When you put to much pressure on the girl (as an example, I put the girl on my shoulder playfully throw her in the trunk), its okay. But, remember to take the pressure of (i.e. if she says stop or give you reel resistance).
    • Especially dedicated for newbies: Remember, if you put pressure, it does not mean the interaction is over. Take a step back, continue the fun and afterwards make it more relatable. Have some social intelligence (4:40).
    • Learn when to back off (no kidnapping ;p) and when to make your interaction relatable
    • Evaluate your purpose in life with women: Why are you doing this? Remember, a woman cannot be your purpose in life. Are you doing pick up to show off or impress people (4:24) or are you doing it to develop an attractive personality that is irresistible to women? What is your purpose? (suggestion, read David Deida’s book, The Way of the Superior Man). If you do not have a clear and defined purpose, you will always make an excuse to not approach. In other words, you will make an excuse to go home empty handed.

On to the video:

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