About Frank Nightgame

What’s up! I’m Frank, the world’s leading night game coach. Fresh out of a 2 ½ year rollercoaster, teaching boot camps alongside the industries best dating consultants, my Job is to get you the success with women that you’ve only dreamed of up until now.


My Success Story

In 2011 things couldn’t get much worse for me. Daily drinking, followed by low mood, depression and a bleak looking future was the movie playing in my head and before my eyes. At rock bottom I took a trip to Mexico for New Years Eve to escape from reality. This was pivotal. During the night, mustering up the courage to go talk to a girl resulted in being rejected, hard, without anything…no kiss, no number. Just rejection. For me, this confirmed my situation. Not only was I fucking up in life, but I was even repelling people around me.
This had to change. The following day, on my six hour drive home, I analysed my life in detail and promised myself that I would change, and I knew that improving my skills with women would be the spearhead of personal development that would transcend into every other aspect of my being.

By January 16th 2012 I was in discussions with the world’s most famous dating coach; soon to be personally mentored for the next 2 ½ years. This catapulted me into a journey of learning how to seduce women in the most difficult environments (overwhelmingly loud and chaotic nightclubs) with so much “competition” around, I knew that anything after that would be so much easier.

I literally went from depressed, repulsive, being too scared to talk to women and clueless about what to say and what to do, to generating attraction anywhere. Taking women home within ten minutes of meeting, becoming the one who chooses, not the one waiting to be chosen became second nature. And most importantly, creating genuine connections with the most beautiful, well rounded women I’ve ever met, through authenticity and a bulletproof self-esteem.

I believe this experience saved my life. That’s why these days I can be found anywhere in the world, teaching the skills I have gained through mastering everything there is to know about picking up women, making sure my clients are getting laid, girlfriends and the lifestyle they deserve much easier than ever before.