Las Vegas PUA Nightclub Close

Las Vegas End of Night Close | Infield Breakdown Series Episode 9

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Keeping the Sexual Tension at it’s Highest SUMMARY In this episode, I am primarily going to illustrate, how to play the physical game keeping the girl aroused. As you will see, I am not going to go home with this girl the same evening (which is never a requirement, as many guys thinks). Yet, I am getting a solid number, …

How to deal with awkward conversation

How to Make an Awkward Conversation Epic |Infield Breakdown Series Episode 8

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Summary I start the conversation awkwardly, but turn out to have “a unique personality” as the girl on the video phrases it. The Episode I start out awkwardly. The girl asks about my Facebook, and I answer: “I don’t do that. People seek validation. What is validation? People that don’t know their own value”. My inner public speaker came out …


Don’t Try This At Home | Infield Breakdown Series Episode 7

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Episode Summary This episode is a continuation of Episode 6. Here, I am going to demonstrate how to go all in (with high energy), in daytime, where I put a girl in the taxi, because I wanted to go home with her. It is 7 am, I am with one of my mentors and I resisted going home empty handed. …


Super-Fast Escalation Stoplight Pickup | Infield Breakdown Series Episode 6

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Monday fucking mornings are my favorite holy fuck!!!! Now why is that? It’s another day of life, a brand new week/workweek to fully take charge of my life and every aspect of it. Now I just arrived back to LA late last night from a weekend trip to Vegas, up at 5:15am to work at 7am. Yup, working now though, …