Welcome to Frank Nightgame

Great experiences, relationships and social interactions are what keep me feeling alive every day. Nothing makes me happier than taking my students out to the hottest bars and clubs, and passing on these skills so that YOU create an abundance of this in their own lives, whether its through attracting a great girlfriend, dating multiple girls, one night stands or finding the “one”.

“When it comes to success in anything in life, having the right teachers is a large part of the equation, for me, having Frank guide me through the process of changing my beliefs about myself, and meeting and attracting women was invaluable.”Blaise, Age 23

With My Guidance You Will…

  • Learn to approach women and feel good about it
  • Learn to put out a “sexual vibe” that women will pick up on
  • Eliminate hesitation to approach when seeing a beautiful woman
  • Be able to attract the type of woman that you used to only dream of